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[RC] Imagine yourself there! - D'Arcy Demianoff-Thompson

< you have gone further than most of us
could ever imagine.>

Richard Sacks

Oh, Richard, you have said it all!  Watching all of
these riders come into the stadium going on 22 hours I
wanted to cry for the Lower Quarry pulls - knowing
they were at 23 hours on the ride.  When you think in
terms of hours instead of miles it is all so raw.  I
just can't even imagine.  

As badly as I would like to do Tevis there were a few
things that happened, freak accidents, that make me
think twice about the ride.  However, knowing some of
the things that happened yesterday.  And seeing the
last riders coming in for their victory ride, walk,
trot, etc. - with HUGE SMILES and their horses going
along like it was just another bend in the road, was
an emotional reaction I just don't know how to
explain.  Other than thinking - "I hope that can be me
some day!"

I have to tell you the dedication and determination of
the workers was phenomenal!  Talk about awe inspiring!
The staff and all of the volunteers were energetic,
happy, and never lost site of why they were doing what
they did.  :)  

I encourage everyone on RideCamp to get out to rides
-not only as riders but as volunteers too.  First of
all they are badly needed.  Second of all because it
is one of the most rewarding things I have been able
to do in a long time.  :)

Sorry for rambling.  I think I need to get some sleep
now!  LOL! I am not sure if all of the data has been
straightened out and posted - Jackie was working very
hard at it when I left.  Take care all.  Hug your
equines today!  


D&#39;Arcy L. Demianoff-Thompson   


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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


[RC] Barbara White & Pat Chappell, Richard Sacks