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Re: [RC] Dental Equipment for horses - Linda Marins

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Subject: [RC] Dental Equipment for horses

To start off with, there are no horse dentists in Egypt and probably none any closer than France.  Our farrier does a pretty good job (better than the vet actually) and he was asking today about electric tools for doing the floating. Now, my immediate private response was that while electric tools make the job easier, they also make it easier to make bigger mistakes. Maybe I'm just being an alarmist...

It is my opinion that powered floating devices are responsible for the early death of thousands of older horses who would normally have survived—healthy, fat, and happy—for years. I've seen far too many equine senior citizens whose caring owners notice that the horse is starting to have a little trouble keeping their weight on using the same rations as have previously sustained them.

The concerned owner hires a teeth floater who shows up with a drill-powered floater, looks in the horse's mouth, shakes their head, clucks "shame, shame," and promises to fix everything.

The idiots then proceed to "flatten" the bite and end up grinding away all the useful masticating surfaces until the horse can no longer do much more than gum its food. A minor condition problem, easily remedied, turns into a serious decline with the horse slowly starving to death.

I won't let a technician near my older horses with anything but a manual float, and strict orders to do nothing more than "take off the points."

It isn't that they are a bad idea.  It is that they vastly amplify mistakes to where a mediocre technician becomes a lethal technician.

Linda Mirams


[RC] Dental Equipment for horses, Maryanne Gabbani