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Re: [RC] wind puffs - Beth Walker

Wind puffs are synovial fluid accumulation inside the joint capsule, and is often associated with past injuries. ?Once the tissue has been stretched out due to an injury, it is subject to fluid accumulation. ?They are cosmetic blemishes, not functional problems. ?They typically disappear (or get smaller) with exercise and then reappear afterwards. ?Confinement will make them worse, having room to move around (like in a pasture) will minimize them.

However - that said - I would also add that you need to be sure that you are actually dealing with wind puffs, and to make sure (if possible) that the original cause isn't going to be a problem. ?Horses can end up with wind puffs from kicking their stalls, or from things like strained tendons or ligaments. ?Also -- they don't normally go away with rest. ?What I mean is: ?if they show up the day after a ride, then decrease to almost nothing, then show up again after another ride, it might be an indication that the level of work is too much, too soon, not that the horse has wind puffs.

You might consider having a vet take a look at the horse to be sure that you are really dealing with wind puffs. ?Since she has them 'all the time' you are probably correct. ?Still, the vet can evaluate your horse's way of going and conformation for suitability for endurance.

On Jul 25, 2007, at 12:42 PM, deborah mcclary wrote:

Could someone explain to me exactly what are wind puffs? I have a horse that has them all the time. She has not been lame from them. Is it safe to do endurance on her? What causes them? Thanks.

Debbie McClary

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[RC] wind puffs, deborah mcclary