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[RC] Cellulitis - rides2far

I've got a possible recruit (if I can train her right) who bought a horse
from an honest to gosh *trader* (I wasn't around to stop her) and the
other day she went to see it and the entire hind leg was blown up huge
from hoof to gaskin. When she saw it one of the boarders mentioned "it
wasn't the first time, it happened last winter too". She got a vet out
and at first he thought snake bite, but when she told him it had happened
before he said it was the "worst case of Cellulitis blown up" he'd seen.
He prescribed:

12 tabs x2 of SMZ 960 mg. 
Bute 1 g x2 once a day, 
dexamethasone 2 mg 5cc x2 per day
Lasix 50 mg 5cc x2
Nitrofurizone & DMSO

He has her giving the 10cc of dex & lasix in the neck twice daily. (She's
not experienced at this by the way)
When she described the "Yellow salve" she was rubbing all over the leg I
asked if it was Nitrofurizone with DMSO. She said she didn't know. I
asked "Do you have to put on gloves to touch it?" She said, "No". Then
she got the jar to tell me what was in it and noticed it *did* have DMSO
and said to use gloves. She's been getting it all over herself. How big
of a deal is that?

Anyway, I tried to google Cellulitis and it just appears to be an
infection. Why would it be coming back on this horse? I haven't seen the
horse but I was kinda hoping it might be fit to do LD...but is this
something that will keep coming back?

She's already gone out and bought a 2nd horse. She's one of those people
who just needs someone around to put the brakes on!  I did manage to stop
her from buying a 2nd saddle when she called from the tack store. :-P

Angie McGhee
Some people are like slinkies. Not really good for anything, but they
bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.


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