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[RC] The Real Rushcreek Horses - FXLivestock

   I bet you do have some interesting stories.   There are certain traits I have always admired about some of the great Rushcreek horses.  I think those traits are still passed on in some horses from Rushcreek and some of those lines today.  If you look at some of the performance records, especially if those lines are on the dams side, you see the connection.  Does this mean that there will be a guarantee of a repeat of a Rushcreek Hans.....probably not.  There are lots of different variables that might not allow for this to occur today.  It probably would be a long shot even if Hans had been cloned. 
    I do agree with you that Ellis Ruby is the reason that Rushcreek even made it on the endurance map.  I feel he and his breeding program is a big part of why they still have the reputation in the sport.  I think like anything else, it is knowing what you like or look for in an endurance horse and then being able to find horses with those traits.  For me, Rushcreek still produces horses a significant number of horses with the traits I am looking for in an endurance horse or a breeding animal.
Kim Fuess
Kim Fuess

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