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RE: [RC] [RC] Salted Twinkies (from archives Feb13-19,2000) - Ranelle Rubin


Thanks for the Monday pm laugh!

Ranelle Rubin, Business Consultant http://www.rrubinconsulting.com Independent Dynamite Distributor raneller@xxxxxxx

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From: Don Huston <donhuston@xxxxxxx>
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [RC]   Salted Twinkies (from archives Feb13-19,2000)
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 16:20:21 -0700

Since y'all had such fun with "For Ladies Only" I thought a little bawdy history might be fun.
The following is a collage of posts to give the reader a glimpse of Ridecamp Past.
If you want to relive the entire ordeal go to the archives the week of Feb13-19, 2000.
Don't be flaming me now, this is history and endurance related....sort of.
Don Huston

tondi313@xxxxxxxxx writes:
<< She also wouldn't urinate and had to have her twinky salted to get her to
let go. It was a bummer. >>
Say WHAT?? I've never heard of this particular procedure (and it surely does
sound like a bummer). What exactly is involved in having your twinkie
salted? (Shut up Howard).

From: Sheila <tondi313@xxxxxxxxx>
No, no, no.....not the female riders, the mare; she had to have the tip of
her vulva salted to get her to pee. My old trainer advised it because the
mare was so uncomfortable. I had not seen this either. You get enough salt
to stick to the tip of your finger by licking it first, stick it in some salt
and then place it right at the end of the mare's, ya know, twinky (tip of the
vulva just inside). Apparently this is uncomfortable and they will pee, to
wash it away(almost immediately).

I've been trying to avoid this thread, John, knowing that it will most likely
get me into trouble. And the bait you're luring me with isn't helping.
Plus, I believe Sylvia was only trying to save me from myself. Telling me to
shut up was her way of saying, "Howard, please don't go there. It's
dangerous and you know you'll fall in."
Ah, but, I do like to swim with the sharks, so here goes. It's been awhile,
but if memory serves me correctly, the twinkies I tasted, in my youth, were
already salted.
Geezzz, don't flame me for that one. It's all John's fault.

Eeeeew! Howard! You fell for it! Gadzooks!

bolinger@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
<< I don't get it...?! >>
Ohhhhh nooooooo, Whitney, you just stepped into it girlfriend.  They are
talking about, welllll, the part of a woman's anatomy that is frequently in
contact with the saddle (if you get my drift). Any more questions, feel free
to post privately....or were you yanking their chains?

Hhhmmmmm...the twinkies I remember from my youth were in the grocery store
in a cellophane wrapper and were sweet...and oddly shaped like some other
anatomical part. ;-)
And to try vainly to make this somehow endurance related...the store bought
kind might be a good trail food since they supposedly have a never-ending
shelf life, might provide some quick energy, and never get old and stiff. ;-)
Sue <sbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx>

sorry i am not jumping off this bridge but don't you guys think the innuendo
has gone on enough? It seems that we have one upset mom already that had to
explain this to her young daughter. I am sure she didn't need the entire
crew here on RC to tell her daughter for her.
Now I don't mean to FLAME or get flamed here. But I think it is about time
we clean up here after all people come to this seeking advice and things of
that nature. NOT for Sex ED 101 we have enough of that going on in schools.
Gee guys what would you do if your child said HEY MOM DAD they are talking
about salted TWINKIES?? what is that???????
Carla *getting down from tack box*

HEY wait a sec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm the MOM(sandy
bolinger) My daughter Whitney Bass explains things like this twinkie business
to ME ...she's well into her twenties....!!!!!!!!I I'm not upset about
ANYTHING!!!!!! When Whitney reads everything that has transpired here she is
probably going to be mortified at the original misunderstanding .....I'm the
one that didn't get it.....Whitney doesn't even bother to tell me dirty jokes
anymore! because she always has to explain them.....thanks for the thought
though. (If I ever don't get one of Howards posts again, I will pretend that
I do!!!)
Sandy(Whitney's confused Mom)

I, for one, AM scarred for life! Kids! Warning! Don't try this at home!

I know some mothers are worried about young kids----BUT---have you seen the
movie "The Spy Who Shagged Me"???    THAT is aimed at young kiddos and my
young granddaughter seemed to understand ALL of the innuendos---and it was
FULL of them - pretty blatant, too.   So, I don't think the kiddos are as
"ignorant" as we might want to think.   Claudia

Try What?????:-)
"Sandy Bolinger"

Ti!!! You're my hero! You've stood up to tougher adversaries in your day,
don't fail me now big guy.
And, (with reference to Maggie's post) I would like to know which "real"
endurance rider didn't want to participate in Ridecamp because of threads
"like this". Most "real" endurance riders that I've met don't seem to mind a
bawdy joke now and then, but they sure as HECK hate being told what to do.
Also, I must have misunderstood who the list moderator is, I was under the
impression that it was Steph, No?

Steph is totally speechless ... Ridecamp has risen to new heights. (or would
that be sunk to new depths....)
p.s. trying to moderate this list is like trying to herd cats.

Don Huston at cox dot net SanDiego, Calif


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[RC] Salted Twinkies (from archives Feb13-19,2000), Don Huston