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Re: [RC] facial paralysis due to twitching the nose - Roxanne Ciccone


       So sorry to hear about Grace. Something similar happened to my horse Shar-Po and the outcome was good. At the Tevis ride Shar-Po fell and when he fell he got some debris from the trail under his skin. He had an oozing sore for months that I treated with every concoction none to man. It would heal and then reopen, this went on for almost a year. Finally I insisted that my vet do a debridement. She did the surgery on the grass in my round pen and I assisted her. Well she got in to some bleeding and the anesthetic was wearing off. Shar-Po was laying on his side with his face in the grace with a nylon halter on. She gave him another injection and finished the debridement. The next day I noticed that his lip was puffy and drooping on one side, he looked real funny. I called her and she said that she had never heard of that. I am on OR nurse and I realized that some kind of nerve damage had taken place. We figured that the metal on the halter had pressed on the nerve too long and had damaged it. Well nerves grow back, and it took several months but Shar-Po now has his cute little face back with no drooping. So think positive and Grace will probably heal and be  more beautiful than she was.


ps His leg finally healed and we are tearing up the trail

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From: Mary Maynard
Sent: Jul 13, 2007 4:05 PM
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Subject: [RC] facial paralysis due to twitching the nose

Hello Ride campers
 I would like to  hear other people's experiences with this issue. About three months ago my mare; Gift of grace and I were on a training ride. It was a windy day and she spooked and I flew off and she tore thru the woods all the way back to my place (about 7 miles). She had to cross pavement 3 times. She had shoes on and slipped and fell. Needless to say she had a wound to her rear fetlock - where she tore out a hunk of skin down to the tendon. I called the vet and we decided I could care for it at home so for 4 weeks I wrapped it etc and it just kept producing proud flesh. I took her to the vet and they cut all the proud flesh out and sutured her up.
 Now this is the problem: when they sutured her, they twitched her. I got her home to find her face is paralyzed from the nostril down and it twists to one side. I am almost positive that I have heard of this before yet my vet says she has never heard of this happening with a twitch. She is on oral cortisone and topical too - but only a 2% improvement in the last two weeks. Have any of you had this happen to your horses? Was progress made, in other words did the paralysis go away? Do you have any suggestions? Her wound is now healed but her face is a mess; of course I am upset to see her like this as she is a lovely mare and now her face is twisted.
Thanks for any help suggestions you can share that can improve her chances for a normal face again.
 she does have more trouble eating as her lips don't work right!
Mary Anne Maynard my email address is luvmares at hotmail.com

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