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RE: [RC] [RC] For Ladies Only - having a back up plan - RHONDA LEVINSON

I once was gettting off of my horse and just hopped off facing forward, at the same time as the horse swung his head around to see what I was doing. By one of those bizarre quirks of fate that seems to rule my life, I ended up hung by my crotch from my horse's curb chain for what seemed like a really really long time until my tights finally ripped and I fell to the ground in a heap with a gaping hole in the crotch of my tights. Turns out that the electrical tape I was carrying for emergencies does not hold cloth closed. I now carry an emergency roll of duct tape in my saddle bages.


From: "Sharon Levasseur" <sharon1359@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: RE: [RC]    For Ladies Only - having a back up plan
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 19:43:40 -0400

Men. don't read this.

Yeah, I've heard stories similar to that, and I've heard of people whose
tights go RIIIIIIIP! right across the butt. But seeing as how, right now, I
can't even solve my chafing problem WITHOUT undies, I'm definitely not going
to make it work WITH them. (I have the world's worst underwear-funnel for a
butt, AND apparently my crotch has Princess and the Pea syndrome.) So I
just make sure I wear new-enough tights that they aren't at risk of
blowouts. That's all I can do for now.

-Sharon L. in Maine

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Subject: [RC] For Ladies Only - having a back up plan

I would very much so use extra caution when NOT wearing underwear, and
tights (or whatever when you ride), or not wearing any underwear at all when
doing a sport like ours.

When I had a *very severe* injury on a training / trail ride, I was VERY
glad I had underwear on. They had to remove my tights. And I will cut to
the chase: I sat on a picnic table for quite some time in my underwear
waiting for the paramedics/ambulance. I of course had somebody help me peel
the tights off, and they didn't have to cut off my Endura Cools. The
paramedics were ready though to do so, sissors in hand! It was like they
wore them in a holster like a gun! Ready to pull them out and cut off my
pants, or whatever. Those tights slipped off like a ripe banana peel,
another good thing about tights. My friend made sure they didn't cut them
off. And there I sat . . . . in my underwear . . . . on a picnic table.
For me it would have been very embarrassing to remove clothes and have
nothing underneath, and be bared butted for everybody to see. And a sweaty
saddle pad would have been itchy I would suspect.

Yes, my undies get sweaty. They do not rub my arse. I ride in Tropical
Rider Endura Cools, and the tights do wick away the moisture, so they do not
get so wet, or not wet at all. During hot sweaty rides I usually go into
the tack room and change socks, shirt, underwear, sometimes even my bra,
then I am ready to go out again, nice and dry - ahhhh. Hey, buy a 1,000
pairs if you have to. Just have a back up in case somebody has to cut off
your pants! Hey in another incident, rain, I was so wet, I had to wear my
husband's boxer shorts and his shirt to drive home. He wore regualar shorts
home, and no shirt. But we were both dry, and covered.

Laura T

Wishing she had had on some wild colored underwear rather than white ones.
I am ready now, and wear them wild for just such another occasion(which I
hope to not have another occasion). And yes I carry back up underwear in my
trailer.  Color is a good thing.



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RE: [RC] For Ladies Only - having a back up plan, Sharon Levasseur