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Re: [RC] Rule 13 revised - Sisu West Ranch

I think the difference is that everything is prohibited, except that which is allowed. 
For the commonly accepted substances like bute that have 'threshold Levels" published you can then judge (not easily, but judge nevertheless) if it has cleared the system before the ride.  You will notice that antibiotics are listed as prohibited, no matter what form.  The only one that I know for sure would be detected, if you were foolish enough to run a horse with an infection, will be procaine penicillin.  The procaine is an anti-inflammatory and is probably tested for. (I may remember that it is also a masker, and thus is sure to be tested for, but don't quote me on that)
I looked up Menthol in Wikkapedia: Uses: "As a topical analgesic to relieve minor aches and pains such as muscle cramps, sprains, headaches and similar conditions, alone or combined with products like Camphor or Capsaicin. In Europe it tends to appear as a gel or a cream, while in the US patches and body sleeves are very frequently used "
Assuming that we do not want aches and pains lessoned during a ride, the ban is good.
Personally, if I had been using an antibiotic eye ointment and stopped a day or so before the ride I wouldn't worry.  If a horse has an active eye infection, it probably should stay home, even though I do personally know that exercise has no effect on my personal recovery from eye injuries.
When one is trying to write a rule to cover everything, and particularly to stop chiselers, things have to be banned that may not have much abuse potential.
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[RC] Rule 13 revised, Sharon Hahn