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[RC] [RC] husbands first ride on his new horse-story - Patti

Today he showed me he has a blister on his hand from gripping the horn so
hard when he was riding. He is a software engineer and works on a computer
all day. He's not really the outdoor farm type. I do really appreciate
that he can ride with me though. I'm sure not all husbands would do that.

Michelle Detmer
Michelle ~
I just loved your story and your DH (for darling hubby) sounds like a real keeper.
From what you wrote, I'd say he cares a lot about you and your interests but that he might not be cut out to be a rider? I know lots of people who like and enjoy horses but not the riding part.
If he really does want to ride, perhaps finding an adult oriented instructor or trainer who could  give him some private lessons (preferably when you're not around - it's important for our guys to not feel they have to impress the most important people in their life). This could also give him a chance to try different saddles and ask questions. This "someone" could also show him some ground work basics so Allen can get comfortable about being in control. (He might also need something like a pair of bike shorts under his riding pants to be more comfortable trotting if he's not ready for tights - wouldn't be surprised if he's got some other blisters he didn't show you.) Nothing like a few sessions on a good old reliable school horse to get some confidence when you're starting out.
But - maybe he'd rather be your crew. If that's so, appreciate it, find a great babysitter and make your ride weekends special occasions for you and hubby. While you're on the trail, he'll find other techie crew (other DH's or wives) to chat with in ridecamp and he can enjoy helping you achieve your goals (and I'll bet he's good with a camera).
Patti K
Vail AZ