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Re: [RC] Possible girth galls? Pressure points? - Kris

Press your thumb hard into the lumps for a few seconds, then remove it - does an impression of your thumb remain? If it does, it's pitting edema. Both my geldings do this when i use a neoprene girth on them. Took me a while to figure it out, but as soon as i switched to leather or mohair, or used a fleece cover on the neoprene girths, the problem went away. This was about two years ago, and have seen no sign of it since. The older (8y) gelding reacts no matter the time of exposure, but the younger one (5y) only will after more than about 2.5 hours of contact.
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Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2007 5:07 PM
Subject: [RC] Possible girth galls? Pressure points?

My horse has developed these two lumps on his stomach right where the girth is positioned.
From what info I can find they are not girth galls or at least not fully developed ones as they aren't raw and are just squishy lumps.
They would probably be the size of a tennis ball. They don't hurt him when i push and prod so I was just wondering if anyone has seen something like this before?
Could they just be pressure points from the girth being too tight? Hes never had them before and I've had him for about 3 years.

[RC] Possible girth galls? Pressure points?, Katherine Hogg