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[RC] Gaining back reserves... - sherman

Are you feeding any fats (usually fed in the form of stabilized rice bran or oil, and/or freshly ground flaxseed)? Many endurance horses need the extra calories from the fat because they just can’t eat enough to keep weight on. Also, I know many horses that have quickly started putting weight on after a Panacur or Safeguard purge (a double dose each day for 5 consecutive days). It’s not the best time to do it, but I’ve seen horses done all times of the year benefit from this. I started purging my horses every year. I use the liquid Safeguard in a bottle, labeled for cattle but the same product that is used for horses, just much less cost, $105 bottle purges 5 of my little horses. Otherwise if you buy a Power Pack I think it’s in the neighborhood of $100 per horse. Probiotics help with utilizing food, which can be in the form of yogurt that contains live cultures, or buy a bucket of Probios, Yea-Sacc is supposed to help animals put on weight also. I also have a couple of social eaters. I tie them near a tied buddy while they eat their mash. Keeps them happy and eating well. Are his teeth in good shape? Just something else to consider.


Congratulations on your first 50!




Shawnee wrote:


If anybody has any ideas, I would appreciate some help. I am not sure what else 
I should be giving him, or maybe a supplement, or ?  He isn't the most food 
motivated horse either, in addition to being a social eater. I get the digest 
version of Ridecamp, so feel free to email me privately too.