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[RC] daughters first wreck - april

    Chriss tried to squeeze in a ride before the storm hit today. In a hurry, she rode bareback, but in her helmet.
A gust of wind from the storm, a big bush, a startle into an unasked for canter, and an unscheduled dismount later..... she has a compression fracture on her radius and a broken  sigmoid bone (that bump on your wrist.)
    She came in crying and holding her arm. One of her sisters headed out to put the horse up. I splinted her arm and went to pull the truck up under the car port so she didn't have to go out into the rain. She came out the door after me and made a dash for the pasture to check on her horse.
    The little rat made me stay in the exam room when she went to x-ray. She had everyone in laughing so hard all our sides hurt. She turned down pain meds. A splint from the dr and an appointment to get  the cast put on, and we headed home.
    We got home about midnight. Hubby started some pancakes while I got Chriss's room set up for her to do everything one handed. Where was Chriss??? She had snuck out to the pasture to show her sling to her horse and tell him she is ok and it was not his fault.
    Chriss is 11. This is the first time she has ever come off, been riding since she was 3.
    They are slight fractures. Only 10 - 14 days in the cast. It will be off long before her sisters wedding. (She is a brides maid.) I did talk her into some children's Tylenol before she went to bed. That and I had to promise that even though she is banned from the pasture, ( 8 horses including a stallion and an 8 month old,)  I will bring her horse up for her to groom tomorrow.   
    Tomorrow we will also start looking at catalogs for some of the cool new helmet colors. No riding until her new helmet gets here. After the fall, the old one was jammed down onto her head so hard she had trouble getting it off. The outer shell is separated from the foam. Not a scratch or bump on her head. No concussion. No headache. Time for a new helmet.
    Endurance related.... if all goes as planned, City Slickers 2008, will be Chriss's first ride.
glad my daughters inherited "the horse gene" and happier still that even though she snuck out to ride, my kid wore her helmet 
also very greatful to have medical insurance !