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[RC] Electrolytes - research paper - Dream Weaver

I posted this some time ago in my blog, thought it was interesting: http://easycareinc.typepad.com/karen/files/Endurance_Exercise.pdf That goes directly to the .pdf.

I also have an articles category where I add stuff like that to, at this link: http://easycareinc.typepad.com/karen/articles/index.html It's got a variety of horse related articles in there. Some useful, some not, probably.

I think that electrolytes is one of those things that you just have to figure out for each horse. I had always electrolyted Weaver and Rocky and they seemed to do fine. I think most horses can do well no matter what we do, or don't do with them. When I started Chief six years ago I wanted to try something new and see how he would do without being electrolyted the same way. He's at about 6300 miles now and gets his elytes via plain salt or on occasion a mix placed in his food. He's never syringed on the trail though. I like to experiment and try things to see if I can find things that work better. In this case, I think that I did at least find that with this horse. I find it very helpful to load them with salt/beet pulp before travel, and then again after the ride is over. Chief drinks and eats better than any horse I have ever seen. I think that while Weaver and Rocky always did well, that my elyting them did at times disrupt them from wanting to eat or drink as well as they might have otherwise. I know that because they too have done a lot of miles the same way I now manage Chief and became better eaters and drinkers. I am replenishing their elytes, I'm just doing it through their food and on their terms, not mine. They all seem happier this way, though I don't know that Chief would be unhappy if I were to start syringing him -- because I just haven't done it. He is probably one of those horses that would do fine no matter what I did, like my first two endurance horses were/are. Though now, I am kind of afraid to change what works and risk screwing something up. ;-)



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