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Re: [RC] [RC] Endurance horse or prospect? - Dawn Carrie

If the horse has not completed any rides yet, but you feel it has potential (due to parent(s) doing endurance, its conformation, etc.) then I would advertise it as an endurance prospect, and then explain why you feel it is one.  Same thing if it has only done LD...a horse that has only done LD is not an endurance horse.  However, I realize that to non-endurance people, LD *is* endurance, so you could be forgiven for stating that the horse has completed three Limited Distance endurance rides (or something like that).  <G>  If a horse is currently conditioned for an LD or 50, then state that, and perhaps state what ride you hope to enter it in.  (??)
Dawn in East Texas

On 5/9/07, Faustina Duffy <kellswaterfarm@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
OK, I'm sincerely curious, so since the lists seem to be unnaturally quiet (or my email's malfunctioning again!):  What do you (individually) feel it takes before a horse should be termed an ENDURANCE horse? 
I'm hoping to overhaul my website (it's 3 years outdated, as the disasters here just keep coming) and am wondering how to term some of the horses I will be posting (some for sale, some merely kin for reference).
Is it merely that I intend/hope for a certain horse to be ridden for endurance?  Or is it because it has already done endurance?  If so, how many rides?  Should I make a distinction between the ones that have completed 50+ mile rides, or do LDs count?  What if it's conditioned for it but has yet to get to a ride?
Can it be based on what it's parents have done?  I have several who have a daddy that has done endurance, and one who has BOTH parents competing.  Does it even matter? 
I have to say, it rankles me when folks who don't know endurance think a horse is suited for it simply because it has no brakes and always wants to run.  Or because it's a __________ (insert breed here, most commonly Arab) with no observations about it's soundness, health or history.  But I also want to direct my horses to homes where folks are looking for the qualities I appreciate in a true endurance horse:  Soundness over years of riding, sensibility on the trail, ability to cover varied terrain.  And of course, if possible, a note of the parameters observed such as resting heart rate, recovery times, etc.  Especially since most of mine are gaited, I know I'm walking a line when I say "This" will do endurance, as there are so many variables...
Thanks in advance for your opinions!
I'm still a newbie at this, so please be gentle with my ignorance!
Faustina Duffy M#33830