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[RC] pulse rates/VC's/old way vs new - Kathie Ford

Hummm, I've been here going thru all these postings back and forth and something just jumped out at me.

Question: Reviewing the completion rates at XP, Pioneer, multi-day rides are they any better than one day rides or the type of riding involved in the current discussions? I'm really curious, as for example in the The Duck's rides I believe that they are not heavily restriced, policed, not a lot of vets, yet these rides are popular, and well ridden rides with good completion rates. I believe the true thinking is that the rider is ultimately responsible for his/her horse before, during, and after the ride. Seems like it has worked good in the past and currently at these type of rides.

In my humble horse opinion which I'm sure doesn't matter much, in wanting to protect the horse so badly, and should be so to a point; aren't we possibly making things more difficult for them?

I'm on this line of thinking after being involved in a very interesting conversation last year at Robinsons, night before Tevis.

Listening to some wonderful rides stories from some fantastic veteran riders and such, another subject came up. Too many vet checks...thinking being that it disturbs the horses natural "rhythm" of a ride. Sort of like a knee/jerk type of ride. Go, stop, go, stop, get going again,stop, etc. It was mentioned and discussed openly that this could stress out our horses metabolically,and affect the completion rates in some of these rides. Seems the veterans did just fine years ago without so many. Apparently the ride "flowed" much better in many respects, and the rider was totally responsible for their horses welfare, safety and soundess. I thought this was very interesting and possibly very true; points well made. I feel we can learn a lot from the veterans out there should they speak up about this particular topic.

So it does make me wonder about rules, rules, changing of rules etc. Similar to our constitution. Amended so much it's hardly the document it was originally!?!

Now please don't think I don't care about the welfare of the horse(s) as I do VERY much. It's just that maybe too much of a good thing might not be good after all.

And also, what about a horse and or rider just having a bad day, a misfortunate day even though the rider has done everything as best they can? Any room for that? Stuff happens and from being on RC for a few years it has to many many folks out there, even the very best, most respected veterans that we have in the sport.

I hope they will eventually speak up...eventually.

Just more food for thought and another perspective,



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