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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] Rule Change--Dr Q's Experiment - Bruce Weary DC - Dawn Carrie

On 1/11/07, Dream Weaver <nvrider@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 I'm willing to have you all email me an indication of the time frame that your horse(s) recover in at the end of a ride, at least 80% of the time. Let's do it

Recover to what?  Some rides require 60 at the finish for all distances.  I always vet through at the finish as soon as I can so this wouldn't affect me unless I wanted to vet through right away and my horses pulse was at 62 at a ride with a 60 finish criteria, it would then be annoying to stand there wasting time rather than going and pulling tack at the trailer first
First of all, the exact recovery criteria used in this little experiment would be whatever tends to beused at the rides one attends...that way, the answers are pertinent to the conditions various riders tend to compete under.
Second, if my horse was at 62 when I came in and I knew it would take him so long to drop down to 60 that would be a waste of time to stand their waiting for it to happen, I'd be worried about him.  If my horse happens to be at 62 when I come in, I can bet that 30 seconds later he'll be in the mid- 50s and still dropping.  If he's not, deciding whether to "waste time" waiting for him to drop or walk clear back to the trailer to untack is gonna be the least of my worries.   ;)
Dawn in East Texas


[RC] [RC] Rule Change--Dr Q's Experiment - Bruce Weary DC, Dream Weaver