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Re: [RC] Barbaro - Rebecca Fabiszak

My daughter's 4-H pony foundered very severely but only on the front. He only has an inch or so of healthy, connected tissue that is the new hoof growth. The bottom 3 inches of hoof wall and laminae have completely separated. His bones are back in alignment and he has good sole depth but we still have to keep the toe cut off for a good break over so that the new hoof stays connected, hoof wall to laminae. This pony took my daughter to State in 4-H five out of the six years they were able to compete. Heck, they came in 2nd in the Senior devision this year and we had not found the founder on x-ray yet. He competed all summer with only 2 grams of Bute on board. He rotated more after the regular 4-H season was over but before State. We had him x-rayed and found 13 degree rotation, almost through his sole. Talk about heart. We are taking each day as it comes. If it gets to the point that his pain is too hard to control, I will have to make the decision to put him down. Pray it does not get to that point. Beccy in Utah
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From: Patricia Israelson <mspattykirk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [RC] Barbaro

I'll add my 2 cents worth here.  I don't see why Barbaro can't live cover a mare ---IF--- the laminitis heals reasonably well.  The break in his right foot isn't the issue here; that has healed remarkably well.  It's the laminitis in the left foot that is the issue.  I know laminitis is hard to heal....I have an old pony (I think she came off of the Ark) who foundered in all four feet before I got her.  I put an excellent farrier to work on her, keep her trimmed regularly and give her joint medicine for her aches and pains.  If she is showing signs of major discomfort I will give her a little bute.  She's fine, every so often we put a saddle on her and let her teach a little kid how to ride.  She's happy and so are we.  I couldn't see putting her down because she had foundered when her life is very good right now.  Granted, Barbaro might do nothing more than be a Pasture Potato, and if he can get some breeding done on the side, well life would be pretty good.....from a guy's point of view.  I hope he is around for a long, long time.  I like happy endings.
Patty Israelson   

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