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Re: [RC] Q2. Electrolyte use - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

During regular training, however, I do add a small amount of e-
lytes (as well as salt, magnesium and a mineral mix) to every feed.  
This is because of the area in which I live, the amount of work the 
horses do in training, and the type of natural pasture we have here.  
However it is probably because I am dosing the horses every day in 
training, that I don't tend to dose them heavily at rides.

My understanding was that this would be the worst thing you could do. 
From what I've read the thing to do was not give them at home since 
you wanted the horse's body to be good at utilizing them frugally, 
then in competition give a little extra to a horse whose body had 
been trained to make the most of what it got. I never give them at 
home, do give them in comptition. The only REAL noticable change I 
ever had with or without was that I used the wrong kind of 
electrolytes at one ride (the kind meant for a foal with scours or 
whatever) and my horse got thumps. Other than that, any improvement 
or lack of improvement was hard enough to quantify with all the other 
variables that it was one of those "I *think* he does better" 

I have cut back on electrolytes since I'm not racing up front right 
now and I finally got a good source of alfalfa which they really go 
for at the checks.  I'll be playing it by ear and reading what's 
written to decide what to do as we speed up.


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