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RE: [RC] Non Arab Pulse downs - heidi

This is also why you can take an unconditioned Arab out with loads of potential and start running right up front--only to break him down because his musculoskeletal system never got the chance to get in shape.  He should have had the same conditioning, but the non-Arab HAD to get it so that he could get into good cardiovascular shape, too.  This is why some of those good-recovering non-Arabs are also great high-mileage horses... 
So if you want your Arab to stay sound, get HIM fit, too.  Just because he hits 44 within 2 minutes into every check at his first ride doesn't mean he is ready to race.

Interesting insight from one of my dressage lists - consensus over there
was that TB's get in shape fastest and warmbloods next and then some
Friesian and Andulusians seemed to be the slowest to get in shape.  ( No
arabs actively competing on that list <G>, but I would put them n line
in front of the TB's!) Once IN SHAPE, all were capable of the same work.
They also went out of shape in the same order.

So, the indication is that it takes LONGER to get a non-arab to maximal
cardiac fitness. There is good and bad to this.  One of the risks of
getting a young horse fit in cardiac mode, is that you are nowhere close
to having all the rest of the systems at the same fitness level.  So,
those riding non-arabs may actually be at an advantage.  The longer
conditioning time necessary for cardiac fitness leaves them less
vulnerable to other system injury, as those systems are developing
fitness at approximately the same rate as the cardio system.

This supports Pam's contention that its perfectly possible for non-Arabs
to reach 60 timely.
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