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Re: [RC] When people ask - MisticalRide

Being new to this sport is hard. As a "newbie"  we need to realise,  when we ask a question the person answering has no idea what so ever, what experiance we do or do not have with horses.  I love the "war stories" they inspire.
Thanks All,
In a message dated 1/8/2007 10:48:48 AM US Mountain Standard Time, laneyhh@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
A couple of comments:
1. some of what you may have thought was inappropriate bragging I saw as
reminiscing a la around the campfire fish tales.  I didn't get the
feeling that those folks were interested in teaching anyone; they were
having too much fun besting each other with their tales of gnarly rides.
2. endurance is a sport with very few "how to" manuals and fewer schools
of instruction.  Ridecamp fills in the gap because riders are willing to
share their experiences.  The ones most willing to share are often the
ones who have learned the hard way themselves, and often at the expense
of their horses.  Being able to pass on knowledge and learn from others
is what sets humans apart from most other animals.  But, being human,
one can always choose not to participate in this learning process too.
And, being human, one can choose to be grateful for what is offered and
be open or one can choose to either feel belittled as a newbie or to go
it alone, come what may.