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Re: [RC] Patriots Day Ride 100 m - Kassandra DiMaggio

We are only two weeks away from a beautiful, all amenities ride!  Just a few
notes to those wondering....We had considerable trail changes last year
which has turned this ride into an easy to moderate trail.  The 100m is
going to be the same.  I good first time 100m.  The footing is great, the
volunteers plentiful, and snacks and drinks for riders and horses at every

Also a good 100m ride for those of you without crew! Two of the vet checks
(lunch/dinner) are at basecamp.  Three away checks at 18, 65 and 85 miles.
All easy access and two are in the same spot.  Call me for details

Basecamp is located at a full service summer kids camp.  As a result, good
place to bring your family to play with fishing poles and bicycles!  Plus we
have full bathrooms with hot showers.

Come support our ride!  The monies earned support our military veterans and
local community projects!

Thanks, Kassandra DiMaggio

On 5/3/07 9:03 PM, "Joe Long" <jlong@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Bruce Weary wrote:

I truly respect everyone's concern over the costs involved in
participating in our wonderful sport. But I think we may be looking in
the wrong place and blaming the wrong problems for the increased pinch
we feel in our pocketbooks on the way to basecamp. Gasoline is probably
the single most monitored item in terms of price of any good or service
we as Americans purchase.   ...

You know, it's interesting how people will complain about three dollar a
gallon gasoline while drinking their five dollar a gallon bottled water.

Compared to the price of everything else we pay for, gasoline is not at
an historic high -- it was higher in the 1980's.  Back during that price
rise (when we were hearing the same complaints) one service station made
the point by offering to sell gas for ten cents a gallon -- if you paid
for it in SILVER dimes!

Ah, but those "billions of dollars" in profits the oil companies make?
Actually, that's not much compared to the size of the company, the cost
of their infrastructure, and the quantity they sell.  Service station
and oil company profits are actually only pennies per gallon, far less
than the government takes in taxes.

I agree, it sucks to not be able to afford the fuel to go to all the
rides we'd like, or to those as far away as we'd like.  I feel that
pinch too.  But put the blame where it belongs, on politicians (domestic
and foreign) and not the oil companies.


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Re: [RC] The Price of Gas, Joe Long