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RE: [RC] trail closures/trail ettiquete (sp? sorry) - Katrina Mosshammer

This reminds me of a time when we were working trail getting ready for the
Winding Stair ride in SE Okla. We were working up the side of the mountain
headed up to the drive when we caught up with some boy scouts. We passed a
couple of boys and a leader then a little further a few more and so on until
we get almost to the top. Where the other two leaders were with the last of
the boys. We made said hi and talked a little bit and they asked us how far
back the rest were. We told them we passed the first group almost down at
the bottom. They said they had been waiting quite a while and they could
reach the other leader on his walkie. (Just small ones, nothing fancy.) Then
he tells us that one of the boys has asthma and might be slowing them down a
bit. Well while we were standing there talking to them one of the boys that
were up at the top had gone back down the trail until he could reach them on
the walkie. He comes back and sure enough it was the kid with the asthma
having a problem and he forgot his inhaler in camp. So we offer to take the
a horse back down and bring him up to the top where the highway was so a
vehicle could pick them up. I got off and mom led my horse down and I stayed
there with the rest of the boys and had kept mom's Golden Retriever/Lab with
me. ( The boys just loved him!) Well finally they come riding up the trail
and despite the asthma attack he had a huge smile on his face because he got
to ride. He was better and the attack had subsided. Once we got everyone to
the top we called the ranger and they were on their way. While we were
waiting with them we find out he didn't leave the inhaler in camp, he left
it at HOME! (These boys were in the 13-15 age range. Old enough to know to
take his inhaler!) But it all ended well; they caught a ride back to camp
and we did our good deed for the day. We joked about that forever; that we
were more prepared than the boy scouts! :-)


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<<<We can be polite, take time to chat with folks, especially children, more
so if the parents are attentive to their childrens safety around us and visa
versa, offering water if someone looks like they need it, assistance on the
trail, or  generally thoughtful and polite attitude while riding out there.


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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


[RC] trail closures/trail ettiquete (sp? sorry), Kathie Ford