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[RC] [RC] Steph's innovative idea..WOW!! - Leonard.Liesens

Title: [RC] Steph's innovative idea..WOW!!

OK, Crystal, I like beer (belgian beer), i can also ride in the middle of the pack and for what concern vegeterian regimen, I could last for one week without meat of fish... So I'm you man.

This was just humor :-)

But Steph I like your idea of reciprocity very much. This is a great idea, same class as Juliet Mallison' idea of transforming "elimination" to "non qualified".

Let's develop.

Leonard, Belgium

Steph what  truly innovative, creative ,nonlinear thinking !! If the ride is within 24 hours of the Ontario border I would be very happy to bring two horses. I would even put off breeding my mare next year so I could bring two horses. There are so many possibilities to such a plan, international cooperation ( maybe if we put all the world leaders on horses and made them ride a 100 miles together we could have world peace????????:-) ;-)) and think of the combined KNOWLEDGE of such a group perhaps there could be informal clinics held by country/hemisphere??
I also love the idea because it can be done by the "average" ( not that any of us are "average" right?? ;-)) rider, for the price of a plane ticket one could ride in a different country!!:-)
And I don't give a hoot about FEI but would not let something like it being FEI sanctioned stop me from coming!
Maybe you could do something like Angie's bio's for Biltmore for this ride , the "host" country can put up their info and the people from other country's could then contact someone they felt they could get along with!! For instance someone that wanted to go hard core and try to win would not be a good match for me and my horses as I would be screaming at them all day!!:-)  I need a beer drinking,vegetarian who wants to ride in the middle of the pack or last if there happens to be something interesting to stop and look at!!:-) :-) ;-)
Anyway , way to go Steph, I hope you can make this idea fly.:-)