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[RC] [RC] BOD and FEI - Steph Teeter

From: "Barbara McCrary" <bigcreekranch@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Originally, I thought international events would be fun, especially giving
opportunity to meet like-minded folks from other countries. >>

In general, International events ARE fun, and I've met many wonderful people
all around the world. I think this is what we need to focus one.

The WEC's are totally different - just as Olympic level eventing is
different, and exclusive - so is (and should be) the WEC different and

I'm afraid that the WEC's are driving the sport though. At the Int'l level
the sport is growing from the top down, fueled by the WEC-Olympic frenzy of
the past decade. And by money - mostly in the form of sales of winning

It should be growing from the bottom up, at the International level, just as
it did in the US and many other places. We have a strong endurance culture,
a good sport, and we don't want it to change.

Most of the changes (at the FEI level) are coming about because of the
WEC-Olympic frenzy. The speed qualification imposed on the sport in an
attempt to identify the best/qualified competitors for WEC level competition
has, in my opinion, been the single most contributing factor to the
divergence of endurance riding(challenge between horse/man and trail) and
endurance racing. I think it's the worst thing FEI has done, and now they've
gone and made it worser!  10:40 is outrageous for a must do qualification.
That is just stupid enough to send me over the top.

I would love it if we (the endurance community) could simply see Int'l as
'regular endurance' around the world. The WEC stuff is the top of a top
heavy pyramid. Most of us, around the world, enjoy the sport for the trail,
the camaraderie, the horse, etc. really -

I think we need to start looking at non-WEC alternatives to Int'l endurance.
I'm thinking of doing another FEI ride next year (had just about decided not
to) but making it an Invitational - bring 2 horses - one for you, one for a
friend from another country. Then the other country can reciprocate. Ride 50
miles or 75 or 100... the important thing is to share the experience. It
probably doesn't even have to be FEI... but it would make sense if it's




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RE: [RC] [RC] BOD and FEI, Ranelle Rubin