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Re: [RC] GPS - Don Huston

Hello Dave,
Part of the solution is to change the recording method. Look on page 42 of your manual. You want "Log Setup". Change the box under "Record Method" to Distance. Change the box under "Interval" to 0.01miles. This makes the GPS record a track point every 53ft+/- which will give you the most accurate (not perfect but approx 5% short) distance. A nice feature of this method (if you use software and download tracks) is that you can tell where and for how long you stopped for water (or whatever) because the time between trackpoints will suddenly jump from 4-6sec to 1-2mins and it's all automatic, you don't have to pull out the unit and set a waypoint. You do have to remember why you stopped tho :-[.  Another part of the solution is maximize your signal reception by putting the unit up (like the top of a Camelbak or top-of-shoulder pocket) instead of on your belt or saddle pack where your body blocks some of the signal.

I have never ridden the trail you just rode (pulled at Francisco's) but Tom Noll made a GPS track of Tevis 2006 and I have some distances for you. Hwy49 to Lower Quarry = 1.3mi. Lower Quarry to Poverty Bar (River Crossing) = 4.8mi. River Crossing up to the Hwy = 2.0mi. If that is what you rode then the posted mileage is correct...8.1mi.

This next part is a request for some data that I'm missing from Tom's Tevis Trail track since you might be riding it anyway. ;-) I need a GPS track from Cal-2 to the Forresthill Vet Check which is about 3 miles. For some reason Tom's unit completely quit in that area. Thanks for any assistance.

Don Huston

At 09:25 AM 4/24/2007 Tuesday, you wrote:
Just used for the first time my new Garman ?Legend? and I have a question for those of you who know something about GPS.  We rode the Western States Trail (Tevis) yesterday from the Hwy.49 crossing to a mile past Poverty Bar.  The Trail signs said that distance was about eight miles one way.  The GPS, however, stated it was only 6.1 miles one way.  Why the discrepancy?  I can?t believe the state parks/WSTF were that far off when posting their signs.  So what?s the explanation?  Thanx.

Don Huston at cox dot net
SanDiego, Calif

[RC] GPS, Smith, Dave