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[RC] Pulse Box's - Tx Trigger

I think kind of a regional thing with pulse boxes, and use of them, and design. I was used to being scattered in the vet area, and calling for a P&R, and having the volunteer come to me, and if down, they yelled for time, and a timer yelled out an official time. we then went to vet on our own. Rarely pulled tack.  Then, moved to TX, and our local rides at the LBJ Grasslands all use the same basic pulse box set up. All checks in camp, often 150-200 total horses between all distances. We put up stakes / electric fence posts, and run the small yellow nylon rope to make a pulse box, that flows into the vet line. As rider enters pulse box, a person takes their number, writes it down, and the time they ENTER. Pulse is taken. If indeed at criteria, pulse taker calls for "time on number..... " and they call back with the time they wrote down as that person entered the box. If the horse is NOT down, they exit, and get a 5 min. penalty, and can not re-enter for 5 min. If it is slow, no line, and horse is not down, most volunteers will stay with horse and wait if it is close to criteria, until it is reached. But, with 200 horses in a ride, we don't want folks abusing the pulse box, so most DO wait until they are 100% sure their horse is ready. Only if we have no line do we give courtesy checks. The rider should know if their horse is ready. And, while the pulse box flows right into the vet check line, a rider can choose to leave the line and come back, but they will lose their place in that line if they don't have someone stand there for them. This has worked very well for our rides, and most riders in the region understand the pulse box, and how it functions.  But, they are sure not all alike across the nation!
Jonni in TX