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[RC] Pulse in system - no PR box - Kristen A Fisher

At the Eagle Ranch ride, the system was similar [I think by vet request rather than RM design but I am not certain]. You got an arrival time, then you did not receive an "in time" [ie, beginning of your hold time] until you got to the vet and had the vet take your pulse.
This did cause problems in that:
1 - Pulling saddles was required, so you couldn't pulse in/stop your clock, and THEN pull your saddle to go through the vet check. You also did not have the option of going through the vet check at the end of your hold, or even later, as some people prefer.
2 - When they were down to one vet, the people waiting in line for the VC were very aggravated, because since there was no pulse box, their clocks were still running.
I have to say I much prefer have a pulse box. It gives you more flexibility to stop your clock, then pull tack, feed/water, whatever.
Kristen in TX

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At the Owyhee rides, we have the vet's actually verify the pulse is within criteria (i.e. there are no pulse takers) the time at which the horse/rider passes into the pulse gate is recorded and they progress directly to the vet where the pulse is taken. If criteria is not met, the horse/rider cycle back out into the cooling area. If the pulse is down, the trot is then (generally) requested to start the CRI process. The removal of the seperate pulse taking step seemed to work well for all involved.


Re: [RC] GIT-R-DONE II - pulse in system, John Teeter