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[RC] learning to ride (was diagonals) - Jennifer Adam

Truman said:
I've taken riding lessons from time to time over my life. The worst came from - usually dressage instructors - who tend to want to explain via the spoken or written word when a picture is worth 10 words and the feel would be worth 10,000 words.

I think it all depends on your own individual learning style. While I agree that you can't learn to ride correctly just by reading a book or hearing someone describe proper technique in so many words, I think accurate, detailed descriptions can be helpful. I am someone who learns much better through words...someone can show me something a hundred times, but until I understand the concept and the goal in my own mind and then feel it for myself, I can't seem to grasp what they're demonstrating. My favorite instructors are the ones that can clearly describe something, let me try it out, and then correct my position as I go along until I get the feel right for myself. Then, when I'm on my own (I do most riding by myself) I can think over the descriptions and the words to sort of remind myself as I practice. I totally agree that the feel is the most important thing, but I like using words to help me *get* the right feel. Words help explain what I'm seeing or feeling and then the lesson sticks with me a lot better. JMHO

Happy riding,

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Re: [RC] diagonals, Truman Prevatt