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RE: [RC] [RC] childrens stirrups - Daniela Desilets

I wrote :

"In some localities, due to insurance considerations, children MUST have
their feet in stirrups."

spottedracer wrote :

"Fascinating, I've never seen a clause like this in the insurance policies
covering any of the saddle clubs, pony clubs, breed shows, parades, IPRA rodeo
events, NBHA barrel events, nor state saddle club show. (all of which I've
competed/children have competed in)..... Now, I have seen this in the rules - but
NOT due to insurance considerations...."

Firstly, we do not live in the same country, so there may be differences regarding insurance (that is why I mentioned the helmet law for Ontario - different country, different province, different rules). I have no idea who the insurance carrier was for the event, I was attending with my 4H kids to observe the event, not competing. We were sitting right behind the judge and I clearly overheard him when he sent the leadline barrel kid and parent out to find some form of stirrups that the youngster could reach. He then clearly stated to the show superintendent that their insurance would not cover a mishap if the child did not have feet in stirrups in the class. In any event, whether it's the show rules or the insurance carrier rules, the kid still needed stirrups. The original poster was looking for a way to make the stirrup cages safer for her child. Even if it's good to practice one's equitation without stirrups, there are still times that the stirrups are required (which was the point of my post) and she wanted to find ways to reduce risks for her child.

Don't understand the hostility in your response to me, and resent the implication that I am making things up, lying, or flat out wrong.


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[RC] childrens stirrups, Spottedracer