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[RC] No Frills! No tractor pull this year.. ;-) - steelsidedown

Well, again in 2007, the weather was the center of attention!
HUGE GRATITUDE to the Crandells for once again allowing us to terrorize their field, farm, and general peace and tranquility.  MANY MANY THANKS  to the multitude of volunteers willing to stand outside in the cold, wet, weather just for us riders! 
Friday's weather was a tad windy, but dry, and allowed us to set up camp, enjoy a hearty dinner (several different soups, salad, baked potatoes with all the fixins!), enjoy a humorous ride meeting (for future reference: make sure you tell Lani she fits her horse perfectly or hide the knives!), and get all tucked in for bed without a drop of rain.
Saturday morning was lovely, seemed warmer than the night before, tricked us into wearing comfy fleeces, you know the type that ISN'T  waterproof?  (I know, I know, by now I should have learned.) 
Loop 1, was a slow reintroduction to the rocks, lovely well marked trail, plenty water (on the trail, not falling from the sky -- yet). 
Vet check was a horse's dream buffet.  Management put out a zillion different kinds of hay, beet pulp, and grains.  My horse pigged out, sampling every food item available.  This years spot was much more spacious than last years.
Loop 2 was, well ... honestly ... LONG ... 25 miles of it.  The weather demons decided that would be the proper time to start misting water at us ... no wait thats ice ... oh no wait .. now snow ... oh no wait .. now pelting ice ... OUCH!  Sigh, this is endurance right?   We plodded along, horses were tired and hungry, but still willing.  All were very happy to see that vet check!  ;-)
Loop 3 was a nice, easy, gravel road, well marked -- a very good thing for us frozen brained riders!  The horses really recharged at the buffet, er, um, vet check, and zoomed right along to finish.
Completion vet check ... the biggest edge of your seat event of the day .... "B" on impulsion .. I can live with that .. 10 hours, 55 miles of rock, a sound horse with no tack rubs, not even a scratch! ... I call that SUCCESS!  <huge grin>
We used the lower driveway to exit this year, while the ground was muddy, heavy trailers encouraged the trucks to go ahead and slide down the hill without aid of a tractor.  Yep, I'm slightly bummed, I kinda enjoyed the "show" while packing my trailer the last couple years!  However, I did see a few tire tracks dangerously close to fence posts -- someone had a little excitement trying to leave!
Congrats to everyone that completed, as with all OD rides, completion is the ULTIMATE accomplishment!
PS -- Does anyone have the website for the photgrapher?