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Re: [RC] [RC] Hind End conformation - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

Actually his canter might be easier on him - if it is rough to you 
it might be "rough" to him also. If it is a jackhammer, it might be 
pounding his legs at the trot whereas at the canter he might just be 
rocking on.

Hard to describe. I really don't think he *hits* the ground hard. 
He's pretty nimblefooted. I swear it's like a jeep, I think it's the 
short wheel base! *I* am what's hitting hard. I'm hoping he's going 
to make an amazing rider out of me and I'll become smooth on any 
horse. I'm working hard on technique, but so far the contact moment 
of posting still has a bit of a collision quality and is taking a 
layer of hide off my posterior. :-((  However, once you've dealt with 
lame horses, you'll put up with anything if the horse will stay sound 
and right side up! :-) I ride down the trail taking inventory, "hip 
joint,relaxed, knees relaxed, ankles relaxed,shoulders,relaxed, 
BREATH, ride as if lower half is sand, upper half helium (I wish..got 
the sand part covered though)

The one problem I have with the Jbird is he is somewhat like 
Kaboot - he sees no reason to go slow at a canter then what the heck 
he might as well gallop and what the heck when the rider has to duck 
a branch might as well take the opportunity to drop butt and really 
stretch out ;-)

Bingo. And all jumps that have take-offs at a trot have landings at a 
run. :-P 

From watching Ego I suspect his canter is a lot easier on him 
than the trot.

Gunner's actually got an OK slower trot and since I just can't see 
letting him go at a fast clip on his first 100 so if he'll give me 
the steady easier trot we may just take a long time going the 
conservative pace. By the way, Gunner is 14.3, one inch taller than 
Kaboot. He looks considerably lighter bodied to me, but weighs in at 
850 and Kaboot was closer to 820 when fit. To me his rear looks 
small, his body looks narrower, chest maybe slightly wider, neck 
lighter. He is deep through the heart. He's carrying the weight 
somewhere.  His action isn't high, but not Kaboot's daisy clipper, 
which is fine with me since the somersault thing got old a long time 
ago. Kaboot trotted extremely wide in the rear and was a little 
bowlegged. That also seems to go well with the power trot. Gunner's 


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