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RE: [RC] Soy vs beet pulp - Susan E. Garlinghouse, D.V.M.

I agree with the general assessment, I like soybean hulls a lot.  It
provides all of the same soluble fiber benefits that beet pulp does, with a
few additional advantages---a very slightly better calcium-phosphorus
picture, although one of the features I actually like about beet pulp is the
higher calcium content, handy for balancing a ration that might otherwise be
a bit low in calcium.  It's not widely available in most parts of the
country, but if someone can find it, and at a better price than beet pulp,
fine by me.  A lot of the commercial premium horse feeds use soybean hulls,
and that probably soaks up a lot of the supply at any given time.  Some dog
food manufacturers use soybeans, as well, also for the soluble fiber

One difference is that you can't soak and then rinse soybean hulls as you
can beet pulp---so if the SBHs come with any added molasses content, and you
don't want that, then it's not easily removed.

Soybean hulls don't (currently) have the horrifying urban myths attached to
them that beet pulp does, although all the same myths should equally apply
(or not apply), since the absorption of water also occurs---ie, the
predictions that the swelling will rupture their stomach, it'll cause them
to choke if fed dry, it'll cause colic, it contains all sorts of evil
chemical residues, etc, etc, etc.  No, they don't apply to SBH either, but
it always fascinates me the predictable progression a new feed component
will go through as it goes from
1) Nifty Discovery, to
2) No, It's Not New, My Grandpa Fed it Two Thousand Years Ago, to
3) Very Useful Feed with a Lot of Common Sense Involved, to
4) How Stupid Are You Not To Feed This Miracle of Nature You Moron, to
5) I Read on the Internet That It Will Poison My Horse, Prevent Butterflies
from Mating in the Rainforest and Cause the Polar Ice Caps to Melt, to
6) I Refuse To Feed It, I Was Suckered In, But Let Me Tell You About
Something New I Read About...
7) Repeat all of the above, ad nauseum

None of these are a criticism in any way of Bonnie's observations, I agree
with her assessment, I just get the giggles about the whole thing sometimes.
Soybean hulls are a very nice feed when you can get them.

JMO.  Mike, congratulations (I think) on being AERC's new President, they're
lucky to have you.

Susan Garlinghouse, DVM

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From: Michael Maul [mailto:mmaul@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2007 6:04 AM
To: Susan Garlinghouse
Subject: Soy vs beet pulp

Just curious but do you have any comment on the recent post to RC?


Posted by: "Bonnie"  quinine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx     quinineatcenturytel
Sun Mar 4, 2007 3:56 pm (PST)
Hello Jan,

I have heard this from my feed store from time to time and since the
price of beet pulp went up a lot in my area due to more people feeding
it, I have quit using beet pulp.

I have switched to using soybean hull pellets. They have pretty much
the same energy profile and fiber profile as beet pulp. Soyhulls come
in at about 9 to 11% protein, 1.1 mcal/lb for digestible energy, 
fat 2.3%,
NSC at 5 %, fiber 32%, calcium .5% and phosphorus at .1% to . 2%

The soyhull pellets are selling right now for $4.95 (last summer they
were $3.50) for 50 lbs and
Beet Pulp is $9.00 for a 40lb bag in my area. My horses can safely
eat the soyhull pellets dry although I tend to feed it wet as it does
expand as much or more than beet pulp when soaked. Soyhull pellets
soak faster than beet pulp. My horses like the Soy Hull Pellets
soaked as good or better than they do when it is fed dry.

I have been using the soy hull pellets for over 8 months now and I am
very happy with them. I have a couple older horses who can't chew hay
and the soyhull pellets have been very good at helping them gain and
maintain their weight. I was not able to get as good of results
feeding senior feed or beet pulp. I use the soy hull pellets for my
endurance horses too at rides and at home.



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