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Re: [RC] [RC] Putrid pus from left nostril - frank solano

Hi Dyane,
Sometimes an infection can set up in the guttural pouches.  When this happens, for some horses, it can require an endoscope up the nostril, through the meatus and the answer will be immediately clear.  The vet can then flush the guttural pouch with the appropriate antibiotic (usually Vanguard), and lavage the larynx which might show some involvement.  The procedure might need repeated two or three times over a week or two period.  For guttual pouch involvement, this might be the only thing that will work, as systemic anitbiotics usually won't clear a true guttural pouch infection.
Good luck,

On 3/2/07, Dyane Smith <sunibey@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Has anyone had experience with this?
This morning, when my vet was here to give vaccinations, we found that my 15 year old gelding (endurance horse hopeful) had pus coming out of his left nostril.  His temperature is normal.  The vet couldn't find hear any problems in his sinuses (he tapped on them the way you would to see if a melon is ripe).  His lungs sound okay.  He's eating and pooping.  He's a little bit subdued, but still plays some.  But the smell is awful!
For the moment, we are stumped.  Has anyone else had this problem?  What is it?  What did you do?