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RE: [RC] 30 Minute Rule - heidi

OK, granted I've only ridden for 30-some-odd years, and have only ridden 6000-some-odd miles plus some LDs.  I've managed numerous rides, including one that had a finish line half a mile from camp.  And I've only vetted upwards of 275 rides, including a couple of Lynn's rides.  And I have been sitting here racking my brain, and cannot think of a single, solitary ride that I've attended in any of those capacities at which this issue would have presented a problem.  Am I missing something here?
If I am vetting or managing a ride and the actual finish line is out of sight of camp, I try to make sure that there is a vet at the finish anyway.  It's just good business.
The vast majority of riders present their horses for completion (in my experience) within 10-15 minutes of crossing the line.  Many present within 5 minutes, particularly the mid-packers that haven't been in any hurry and whose horses have pulses in the 40s by the time they can dismount and present.
The LD riders present within half an hour all the time--it's in the rules.  And as a group, they have a much higher percentage of newbies who are still learning the ropes--and yet they manage to get the job done. 
Does DIMR* make us somehow less able as we progress to longer distances? 
*Distance-Induced Mental Retardation, for those unfamiliar with the old endurance acronym.

The problem I see is not only that there is added hassle to the rider (which
there will be at many rides and for many riders) but that ride management
will have to set up the finish line and final vetting area just like they do
at a vet check.  No more finish lines 1/2 to 1 mile from basecamp for safe
finishes. Ride managers may need to set up an "extra check area" with water
& feed near the finish line/final examination area so riders can leave a
crew bag, cooler, etc. if basecamp parking is very spread out.  Also,
perhaps vets will need to be more flexible about vetting horses through
tacked just as they do at some vet checks so riders aren't spending their
entire 30 minutes walking backing back and forth from their trailer.
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