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[RC] 30 Minute Rule - Bruce Weary

Hi Lynne--
How's your knee? Tacos and Fat Tire are still on the menu at the motorhome, so don't be late at the next ride.
I agree with what Heidi said regarding the horse's recovery, and at what time that occurs. A horse that is recovered seconds after he crosses the finish line and one that takes a full 29 minutes to recover have both technically met the same finish criteria. However, any good vet will have his antennae up when he knows he's looking at a 29 minute recovery. Moreso, for a horse that has been allowed 60 minutes to recover and needed it. This is where metabolic problems often show up.
I can sympathize with the added hassle factor in the shorter time frame, but don't the same or greater challenges exist at 15 or 30 minute holds out on the trail? And there is usually more that has to be done even faster in setting up and breaking down at a vet check. Plus, the horse's need for rest is even more crucial at a vet check, as he is going back out on the trail. We cope with that. At the finish line, he's got the rest of the night to "party down," with no more workload to contend with. I think we have to keep in mind that rules like this are not designed to level the playing field--fitter horses will always do better, regardless of the hindrance of stricter recovery or finish criteria. This change is intended to screen for and detect those horses that may be developing a metabolic crisis before the rider realizes it or is willing to admit it.
If you ride sensibly, I think you can still enjoy those short gallops across the finish line and still recover in plenty of time. Or, gallop out on the trail and come in to the finish line at a pace that enhances a timely recovery. It's been my experience that many riders come into vet checks and finish lines this way anyway.
Congrats on your recent photo award. You are a truly talented photographer. At least that's what your parole officer told me the other day. :> Dr Q


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