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[RC] Vet-tish advice.. - rides2far

I've got several things I'd like opinions on.

This morning went out and Kaboot was three legged lame...hopping lame,
right fore. (didn't know he knew how to limp on the right!)  I figured
abcess but when I picked up his foot (no swelling in leg) there was a
tiny trickle of blood from the bottom of his pastern where it meets the
bulbs. I was worried about a puncture because the symptoms were so bad.
Farrier was coming already. He looked, put testers on the heel and didn't
get much. Testers got more at the toe. He dug a little, *might* of hit a
little something but no real drainage. We put ichthammol and medicated
oakum on it and wrapped it. He will stand square on it but hops when
walking. When he walked back to the stall it looked to me like he was
putting his weight on his TOE and hopping, so though he didn't react to
testers on the heel he seemed to be protecting it. I gave him bute & a
tetenous booster. I'll soak & wrap tomorrow and if he's not better by
Monday I'll haul him to the vet.  Another weird thing was Josie was
rubbing his forehead (his heavy forelock reaches the end of his nose) and
said "What's this bump?" We lifted his forelock and he's got a raised
line/bump, at a slight angle between his eyes that looks like he got
whacked with a 2x4 and it's raised up like swollen...but it's hard! No
sign of a scrape. WEIRD! It could have been there awhile with that
forelock and me not know it, but it's NOT usually there. Anybody had
anything like that happen? I suppose he could have run into a low limb in
the field but that should have made a scrape.

2nd...I've got an gelding here that a friend's loaned me just to have
around for an extra horse to ride, and I might sell him for him. He's got
a lot going for him...can you say...ROCKING CHAIR canter, smoothest I've
ever ridden, just cruises along. He's a very leggy Arab so he should be
marketable...but he's ribby. He's gotten ribbier while he's been here
though he's getting grain, corn oil and free choice good hay. Been wormed
with zimectrin and teeth done. Eats well. I'm considering the 5 day
Safe-guard (Panacure purge is same thing right?)  Is that known to help
on one that you can't get weight on? He's not a colicy horse and eats
well...just ribby. I already have some Zimectrin gold I could try to go
for the tapeworms...but I'd like to have him marketable by Spring so if
the Safeguard's a better bet, I'd like to get a move on.  It's hard for
me to feed this horse a lot of extra stuff like beet pulp because he
frets if you pull him out of the herd to feed him seperately, and I don't
want Kaboot to put on more weight. Right now he's getting 2/3 of a big
coffee can twice daily, with a 10% protein, 6% fat, low roughage sweet
feed and 1/2 cup corn oil and probiotics. He also cleans up a lot of good
Tifton 44 Coastal Bermuda.



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