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Re: [RC] lonely here...kinda spooky/questions / whining/training - L gin

It is 1:46 on Sat. rain pouring down I am still in my bathrobe, stained with coffee now after my outburst on Angies reply-- that who'd have anything left to leave to AERC..........;0) LOL while spewing coffee.....C...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>'''...''''....
I am reading Ridecamp again cause I am out of things to do...horse related..........it is pouring rain here in Ga. My paddocks are all 8" of mud as I took my cross fence down to take to new house.
New house is 99% done. we are waiting to close on this place --again--ahhh engineers,developers, zonings, land impact statements, uncooperative neighbors- FIFTH bumping of the closing...... I THOUGHT I"d be moved by Oct. and riding by spring....Needless to say..not.:0( ( I just have to clean both and pack this one --but not too much , as we keep getting bumped...)
We got the dog fence to put up there (numerous coyotes, small terreirs, old lab)- and a horse safe paddock (Ramm electric braid ) to put up, refencing the rest and the barn have to wait till we close on this place. I must say at least I have a barn here for shelter and their sheets and blankets for the cold rain we have been having.
Now that all my "new house work is done" (painting, flooring, curtains.)

Here is the only horse stuff I have to do. Brushing 4 horses 8 " of mud out of thier hairy coats after a warm rain and they roll, usually followed by a cold snap below feeziing that night. I wonder if anyone else needs to take out their contacts or wear eye protection when they brush the mud out. I also may take up wearing a face mask, as I blow brown snot out for hours afterwards, and of course I have to take a bath after as I have microscopic horse poo all over my hair ,clothes and face....makes me wish I'd bodyclipped this year. It's the tall horses that get it all over me, the 16 handers , the dirt comes down on me... the 14. handers the dirt stays out of my eyes at least. Course I sometimes just close my eyes,and cover my nose with my shirt :)
I have been working on getting everyone used to the new straight load 2h semi- stock trailer. Two have been in a straight load before , no problem. One I am not sure about, she is a high flight horse anyway, but smart. We are just 'getting aquainted with the trailer' me going in the other side and offering carrots --alternating with some "go forward" techniques, that the green horses have learned. We have fed some carrots , done some sniffing head in ,and my mare loaded two feet and we quit on a good note. I am also practicing unloading , so they realised, to back up to get out. And since eveyone here likes to play copycat, I let them all up in the ring while doing this with one. Sometimes I just stand outside offering carrots thru the side panel. Course Scout keeps eating the right hand signal light off if I don't watch him, he has tasted my truck and left several marks too, He and Rascal like to see which side of the truck has better paint.....Of course the donkey likes to put his head in the other side..("did you say carrots?") .
Thought I 'd work on tying and standing for Scout, he has had" give to pressure lessons" and leading lessons, probably 80-85% there. So I was starting tying for short periods while I was nearby.---Ha-Ha only problem is he can untie, the Pony club loop method most horses won't figure out. Now Honey taught him to open stalls , but she won't untie herself--Rascal is real mouthy and taught Scout to "play with sticks"--Scout has his own variation--He is Auditory---He likes to scrape things up and down on the ground to see what kind of nosie they make. Buckets scoops, feed bags, tarps,, sticks whips, hula hoops, soap jugs, farrier equipment , surveyors tools, vets buckets, balnkets, whatever he can get his teeth around. He likes to reach around during leading lessons and get the handgind down part of the lead rope so he can lead himself...........
So I am tring to figure out a safe method of tying him, that can be released, that he can't untie? He unties in about 30 seconds when left along. I han't locked the knot through the last loop as I wasn't sure I could get it out in an emergency. Course, this is in a breakaway halter....or I could tie and stand by with a knife. Or maybe I need to tie the knot on the other side of the post. Maybe I could use trailer ties........but I don't want him to be able to break away easily....sigh.......
After all he is an "Air-Appendix" ( as in arab/appendix QH= arab/ qh, tb.)Air as in "arab" or is it "Air head" ?)
I may have to actually start schooling someone in the arena (which I have taken 1/2 the fence down in ; to take with me)--When we get out of this rainy season--need 2 days dry at a time for 1/2 my arena to be rideable--- think , 65 foot Diameter circle---
"Waiting to Move...and the $$ to finsih it" Laurie


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