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[RC] AHA Sweepstakes Program - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Sue Nance endurance@xxxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am curious to see what every ones thoughts are on the proposed changes to the 
Sweepstakes Program. As it is currently written it allows payback on distance 
from 25 miles and up. It is not dependent upon AHA horse entered to allow 
payment, they pay on a point system based on placing.  It is my understanding 
that some members of the board at AERC has lobbied that AHA only allow distance 
form 50 miles and up. This bothers me some because the membership is not only 
50 mile and up riders. I am not going thorough the ?OMG, LD?s again? It is a 
fact that the membership of AERC includes people that enjoy or are forced to do 
LD?s. My question is what makes it OK for AERC to determine that LD?s cannot 
participate in AHA especially when they are members of AHA and pay the same 
amount of dues as any one else? I ride all distances, it depends on which horse 
I ride, where they are in their training or what I think may be in the best 
interest for them at that particular time. I feel that if I want to participate 
in the Sweepstakes program, I should be able to choose. I am sure that people 
are afraid of ?Racing?; however, I have seen more ?racing? on 50 miles and up 
than 25?s. Plus the LD?s must reach criteria before they can place and they 
have only ½ hour to do so, whereas, a 50 can haul butt and take an hour to come 
down and be determined ?fit to continue? I would bet that if you look at the 
numbers, you will find more fatalities related to endurance, than the LD?s.  OK 
now that I raised the question, I am looking for objective dialog. I am not 
interested in flaming type of posts regarding LD?s vs. endurance. My concern is 
that the members were not allowed to participate in a decision that may 
potentially affect them.

Sue Nance, NW
Does LD's, 50's,75's and 100's

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