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Re: [RC] EasiestBoot? - Sharon Levasseur

Why do you need to boot this horse for such short distances?  Exposure to
rougher footing will only help her in the long run, by toughening up her sole. 
(This exposure is of such limited duration that I'm not sure it would help
much... but I doubt it would hurt!)  Is she really so tenderfooted that you
cannot get her across these areas without boots?

-Sharon L.

Quoting Andrea Faustina <afaustin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hi all!  Question for you about hoof protection.  I currently use EasyBoots
on my Arab gelding for all of our training and rides.  I love them!  No
problems whatsoever.  But my question is regarding my other horse.  I have a
Quarter Horse that I compete in barrel racing on barefoot.  She does great
without shoes.  I have had absolutely no problems in the arena with her.  At
home we work in an arena with good footing as well.  When I take her out for
trail rides at home I use the EasyBoots.  The problem is that at some venues
we have had to walk across gravel and other less than ideal footing to get to
warm-up arenas and the competition arena.  Most places are ok and last year
we weren't traveling far so I would only go to those places that I knew had
good footing from arena to warmup to trailer, etc.  But this year we are
traveling to new places and I have encountered a couple that weren't so hot.
So.... here are my thoughts.  The EasyBoots are not really going to work for
us because of the time it takes to remove them (I know I'm being lazy : ) )
and I don't really want to have to take my screwdriver with me to take them
off of her once we get to the warm-up areas.  I have been looking into the
Simple boot and the Boa boot.  They look like the quickest off and on.  I
really don't care if they stay on very well or rub because I am only using
them to walk from point A to point B which will be a very short distance.
The biggest concern is ease of off and on application.  They are all pretty
pricy for what I need them for but they will also last a very long time!  I
plan on wearing a backpack to put them in once we are at our destination.  I
also think I will only need a pair for the front feet but should I just boot
her up all the way around??

Thanks for any input!  Appreciate the advice!



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[RC] EasiestBoot?, Andrea Faustina