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Re: [RC] cover photo - Jessica Spoone-Raines

Gee I always considered me wearing a helmet as a precaution rather than a fear of my horse. Just about everytime I have come off a horse I have landed on my back with my head slamming into the ground, twice my head slammed onto rocks embedded in the ground. I guess I should thank God that I have such a "fear" as it has saved my life. Please feel free to ride without a helmet, drive without a seatbelt and while your at it go skydive without a parachute afterall you wouldn't want to live longer and have people think your afraid of your horse. I'll stick to my helmets.
Jess Spoone-Raines
Those that have such a fear of the horse should maybe
grab onto another activity. Quite frankly, you'll only see me bare-headed,with a
ball cap or a regular hat of some kind. That's one of the reasons why I ride
endurance. I want to be left alone to ride as I will and please don't even make
the attempt to tell me what to wear to include the helmet. I have seen my share
of injuries over the years and most were to other body parts, not the head.
Maybe we should wear full body armor. Now lets hear it.

[RC] cover photo, Ridecamp Guest
Re: [RC] cover photo, mjwest02