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[RC] What is LSD to you and other conditioning trivia - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Lynn Salisbury lasah@xxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

This subject has come up here recently and I'd like to hear from all 
inexperienced/experienced ld/endurance riders listening.  I know that if you 
don't stress the system it doesn't adapt. If all you ever do is condition at a 
5 to 6 mph pace, that is what your horses' soft tissue and cardio system has 
adapted to. No room for surprises. My first ride was a surprise due to the fact 
that I hadn't thought of pacing in mph avg. just a flat 5.5 mph pace.  Totally 
unprepared.  After 5 years of dabbling in conditioning for ld/endurance my long 
slow days are ~15 to 20 miles with an avg speed of ~6.5 to 7 mph. Speed days 
are a mix of 5 to 18 mph over 5 to 10 miles or Hill work with a max HR of 180 - 
210 with recovery periods. I recently (yesterday) started ponying my horse from 
my bicycle (please don't tell me how incredibly stupid you might think this is. 
That's an entirely different subj :).  We had a blast! Did 12 miles in 1 HR 15 
mins. From his exertion level I'd consider this any easy day.  So, what do you 
consider slow/fast.  Do you condition at the same pace or harder than you 
intend to ride your ride.

On another subject.  A light bulb moment for me was when Karen Chaton (excuse 
me Karen for murdering your thought) mentioned that at shorter distances horses 
don't have to/learn to drink.  I could never get my mind around why endurance 
was a better mental training ground. When I fist started (at 5.5 mph avg) my 
horse ate and drank like a champ.  It was a max effort for him (and me, truth 
be told) all systems calling for fuel. Now in better shape he'll wait to drink 
until he gets home.

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