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Re: [RC] osteoporosis - Amber Roberts

rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Saw something on TV the other morning that said getting some sunlight
every day was good. Sounded good to me. :-)  Actually, they said taking
calcium supplements did less good than they thought, but getting some sun
and doing weight bearing exercises helped, along with getting normal
amounts of calcium in your diet. I'm sure you could google for up to date

I wrote to her privately, but others on this site may also wish some information.  Sunlight provides Vitamin D.  The Rx drugs may work for about 3 years and then a person is worse off than when they started.  Drugs preserve old bone (osteoclasts) and old bone eventually becomes brittle.  Brittle bones are more prone to breakage.  A natural approach is to take nutritional supplements, more magnesium than calcium (calcium makes bones hard but magnesium keeps them flexible so they are not as apt to break in a fall), Vit. D, Vit. K (if not on blood thinners), and most importantly natural strontium.  Also, exercise including weight lifting.  A Rebounder is an excellent piece of equipment and helps bones, too.  I broke both my legs in a crashing fall (at a health club!!) and was then diagnosed with osteoporisis via a DEXA test.  I have done a tremendous amount of research since this happened to me.  I am just now getting back to riding.  I was using a walker for awhile, but have finally progressed to where I can walk outside for 20 min. a day.  I also ride a spinner bike and bounce on our Rebounder and take the supplements I just mentioned.


Re: [RC] osteoporosis, rides2far