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[RC] My new baby is home!!! - agilbxr

Ok, first of all, I want to say thanks for all the name suggestions. I think my favorite suggestion was from Howard, who said I should name the new Paso/Arab cross "Mohammed Don Quioxote".  I don't think that is going to quite work for him, I think he's a bit small for that name.  That's the kind of name that takes a big horse to wear.  *grin*  I still haven't come to a conclusion on the name, but right now he's "Junior" cause he's been following Uncle Donkey around the pasture.  Donkey is an Arab/quarter cross, and he's working on teaching the new guy the ropes.  All of the hay is donkeys.  As is all of the water.  And any treats.  And any visitors.  The new guy can have what Donkey doesn't want, which isn't much. 
I think the Arab is MUCH more potent in Junior than the Paso.  He runs around the pasture with his tail flipped all the way over his back.  And man, does he have that floaty, pretty arab trot.  I'm going to start working out.  Maybe in four years, I'll be strong enough to stand it....  But, I think he'll be a good endurance project...He got off the trailer, 4.5 months old after an hour and a half ride, with 4 new horses staring and yelling at him, and dug into the hay on the ground, then strolled over to the water trough where he proceeded to drink and blow bubbles in the water. I sense an endurance horse wannabe.
All you arab folks who know things about Arab pedigree, help me out here. Tell me about his daddy!  They never registerd the stallion, but the stallions mom is a mare named RBJ Scarlet OHara (reg #0430404 I think).  The sire was Kar Sue Lahan (#101641).  Juniors daddy is a beautiful horse...I am still upset over him.  He's about14.2 or so, old type and gorgeous.  And is five years old and has NEVER been handled.  Not even so much as a foot trim.  However, he has decent looking feet.  Anyone want a 5 year old nice Arab stud who needs a LOT of work???  We might be able to get him away from the people who have him....  He went over a five foot fence to get to Juniors mom...I'd bet he could be athletic...
Anyway, Junior is a nice little guy.  He's kind of standoffish, and a bit twitchy.  And he will walk right on top of you..it's a good thing I had boots on today. And he's a little hard to catch.  Nothing that some time and attention won't fix. 

I'll quit bugging the list now, and go back to my serious contemplation of a good horse name.  (the boyfriend suggested "Cuda" cause he's high in the rear right now...kind of like a hotrod).
Juli and the Herd
Alpine (my nose is SERIOUSLY out of joint..)
Spot (huh?  I'm living at a different barn right now and don't really care)
Junior (food...)