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Re: [RC] Tevis on a green horse - Truman Prevatt

terre wrote:

I think sometimes they become more tired from being out all night than from going too fast; in other words I think there is such a thing as too slow. They are tired (in the sense of sleepy) rather than exhausted (as in used up). The trick is to know the difference, and avoid it.

I think you are absolutely correct. My first 100, it got dark, drizzly and cold. At about 80 miles we went into pretty tight woods where about all you could do is walk. Plus I had a case of motion sickness - on top of a black horse in a black night with no moon or stars for light. That's the only time I've ever been sick (from motion) on a ride.

Anyway we walked from 80 to 90 miles and when we got to 90 the mare seemed tired - more than she had been. The vet said she was fine and probably just "tired from being out there." When we left we turned off the road. She then knew where she was and she knew she was almost finished. The next thing I know the "tired horse" is in a hand gallop and we make the last 10 miles in less than an hour. All I could really do was hold on and dodge the overhanging limbs.

So I think they can be tired from a lot of things and sometimes getting them juiced up a bit brings them back to life.



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[RC] Tevis on a green horse, terre