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[RC] You Know You're an Endurance Rider When... - Aaron Turnage

These better be true because I've done all of them in the past few weeks....  =)
You buy bottles of bleach at the store based upon if the empty will make a good scoop or not.
You have a low maintenance hairstyle that allows you to go six months between $12 trims at Supercuts but you don't bat an eye when you have to spend $80 with the farrier every six weeks.
You buy all your shoes at Payless or Walmart and cringe to spend over $30 on a pair but can't pass up one Easyboot at that price.
Your spouse has stopped even trying to keep track of your horse related expenses, and now does their best to not notice them.
Your horse has been to daycare because you were out riding until the very last minute before you had to pick your child up.
The meals you make for your family at home in the crockpot on "riding days" somewhat resemble the mash you feed your horse at a vet check, but both are just as eagerly eaten.
You've gleefully left a path of mud, horse hair, and other assorted debris through a public setting.
You've met someone from your "normal" life while wearing tights in public (Oops, I was just going to run in REAL quick!), and only been slightly embarrassed.
You're reading this list, laughing, and nodding your head yes!
~ Crysta & Sinatra (Hey I've been to daycare in the trailer TWICE now!  It's fun, I like the kids.)