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Re: [RC] National Forests - rdcarrie

Making forests self-sustaining has nothing to do with Bush's proposal to sell off chunks of the Nat. Forests to private interests.  Do you consider that to be self-sustaining?  Would you still consider them to be self-sustaining when the very last acre is sold off to fund yet *another* government program?  Does a rancher make his ranch "self-sustaining" by selling off 20 acres every year?  Sheesh...
And by the way...wild turkeys do *not* benefit from forests that are uncut.  They need well-thinned forests to thrive.  They eat a heck of a lot more than acorns - if they didn't, they'd have to just sit around and starve for most of the year when there are no acorns, since acorns are produced in the fall!
And there are a lot more complex issues at work in affecting the amount of timber cut from a forest than the acts of environmentalists.  Anyone who actually believes that they are the root of all the evil is living in a dream world, or else looking for a convenient scapegoat upon which to pin their sour grapes.  The radical environmental groups are but a small part of the issue.
Dawn in East Texas
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There is no reason why the National Forest should not be self- sustaining. The 
reason it isn't is mainly due to "tree huggers"
not wanting the tree's cut down. This is pure liberal drivel.

When trees are not harvested a number of problems occur including an exponential 
increase of forest fires (which are prevalent everywhere today) and a decrease 
in forage for wildlife of all kinds. Forests that are left mature shade out all 
understory, which prevents anything from growing. About the only thing that 
benefits are the Turkeys, which are now everywhere you look (they eat mainly 
acorns).Where I live the deer are no larger than a German Shepherd. Thats 
because they no longer have anything to eat and are all competing for the little 
that is left.

I'm not condoning mass logging. It can be strategically done with benefits to 
both man and wildlife. It can also be done deeper in the forest ..away from main 
roads, so that those complainers (who seldom leave their cars) will not be 

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