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Re: [RC] caught in the middle - Stacy Sadar

I know what you mean.  My husband doesn't ride horses but rides mountain bikes, so he'll ride a bike with me while I ride a horse.  We can only go on private trails around here because of "the rules."  Personally, I don't mind the ATV's who use the private trails we ride.  Why?  First, they are respectful to us as we are to them.  Second, I appreciate the fact that they smooth out the trail for us.  We leave hoof prints and they flatten them out!  We keep the trails clean of low hanging branches and they give us a log to jump over.  I prefer working together instead of against each other.
Why can't we all get along?  :(

Ibiteraaarr@xxxxxxx wrote:
    I dabble in both worlds as well   :)  I have two off-roading vehicles, my horse, and my Jeep Wrangler. That's a shame that the trails are being closed to those vehicles. I am a member of a local 4x4 club and we do a lot of activities with other clubs both here in Louisiana and in neighboring states. I agree with you that many off-roading/4x4 clubs have started to make much better efforts at trail conservation. Many of these clubs, ours included, sponsor not only trail rides, but trail maintenance days, whether it's trash clean up, brush clearing, etc. "Tread Lightly" is the big movement among offroaders to take better care of the environment. It only takes a couple of loose cannons to give the rest a bad name. :( Is it possible for your husband to look for local 4x4 clubs in your area? If there like ours, you don't have to be a paying member to participate but those guys are your best resource for information on places where you can legally ride, such as off-road parks or even private land that people allow clubs access to. Most clubs, if not all, have online forums so it shouldn't be hard to do a search or two on. Hope that helps. Best of luck.
Liz Dorner
Ct. Region

Re: [RC] caught in the middle, Ibiteraaarr