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Re: [RC] Entering Florida - Truman Prevatt

It's quite simple - where you cross the Suwannee or St. Johns River you find an ag inspection station. You need to stop there and show the nice officer you Coggins and Heath Certificate. He will scan the paper work along with your drivers license into this computer and that will forever be on record with the state of FL to document your visit. If the weather is pleasent he might come out to admire your horses. On I75 it is about 30 miles from the GA border right before the Suwanee. On I95 it is right after you get into FL on the North side of Jacksonville. On I10 it's near Live Oak and on US 19 it is on the North side of a little burg called Chiefland. On smaller roads they pretty much are at the river. While there are weight stations near some of the ag stations, they are not the same. You do not need to stop at a weight station.

You will also find that the find ag officers will from time to time pull you over on the road or follow you into a rest stop to check your paperwork and welcome you to the great state of GA. It doesn't happen often but it does happen from time to time. The same for the fine folks in Kentucky. Just watch of the blue flashing light in your mirror.

The Ag stations are not the same as weight stations. There are big signs that warn you of an approaching ag station. If you miss it don't worry, a nice man will turn on his blue flashing light and come get you. I you stop on your own it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes. If you don't it can take awhile longer. It's not a big deal and is rather painless.


Jlwarabs@xxxxxxx wrote:

Hi all-
We are looking at trying to do a ride or 2 in FL this winter. I have heard FL is a pain to haul horses into, so wanted to find out what was required. I know you have to have Neg Coggins and a Health Certificate of course, anything else? When you enter the state do you have to pull over at the weigh stations? or where? Is that only on the main interstates, or do you have to find a place to check yourself in if you are on the smaller highways? Thanks in advance-


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[RC] Entering Florida, Jlwarabs