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[RC] Old fashion pony express kinda style race/[RC] Question to the AERC experts - sherman

[RC]   Question to the AERC experts


Hmmm, I think this is the “race” MaJaStables was referring to.




Karen wrote:

I have been tasked by the Kansas Horse Council to determine if the Great = Sante Fe Horse Race as "actually" been sanctioned by AERC.  The promoter = provided a letter to our Board that states that very thing.  Were can I = verify?  THANKS!!




MaJaStables wrote:

Ok i am sure i will catch a bunch of flac from what about to suggest or ask.


Does anyone knowof any races that are like a no holds bar kinda race. Over

about 500-800 miles, possibly with vet checks. stopping of course along the way

at each check point. anything goes, but no cheating and horses need to be in

pretty good shape to compete. canbe pulled if need be, but under very low

guidlines. KINDA like the movie HILDALGO..??? i heard from someone there was a race

like this out west, entree fee was 3500 and winner got 100,000. but is there

a race with possibly a lower entry fee and pot. like 1,00 entree fee and you

win 10,000. BUT you must stay on the same horse and same rider.

not talking about the tevis or any kinda endurance ride like that BUT BIGGER